When you worry it doesn’t resolve or change ¬†anything,

but it does rob you of positive energy, so how about just giving it up?

The Effort You Put In



You cannot expect to attain success if you do not put in the effort to make it a reality

To Lead



How can you lead others if you allow yourself to be led by fear?

Shed the fear and become the leader you truly are inside.

Stress Vs. Passion



Working hard has different results depending

on whether you care for what you’re doing or not…

which do you fall under?

Showing Up



The road to success requires that you be present…

are you showing up to the best of your ability in all you do?

You Have Wings



You were born with so many gifts…allow yourself to release them into the world and share them.

Make A Decision



As  you get ready for bed,

take a moment to make the decision

to take every step forward to change your life for the better

Defending Habits



If you keep defending the habits that have kept you from success,

then how do you ever expect to reach it?

Overnight Success



Overnight success is the result of years of work & determination,

so have patience & courage my friends