Come This Far…



No matter how hard don’t give in,

for if you look back you’ll see you’ve already made

so many great strides…


Dedicate Today…



Stop putting time into worrying about what you didn’t do yesterday

and dedicate today to simply doing better…

Heart of a Fighter on Kilroy’s Conversation!


  Tune in to KVCE AM1160 today from 2:00 – 2:30 p.m. CST and catch founder and the very heart of Heart of a Fighter, Suzanne Oliver, as she hits the airwaves as a guest on Kilroy’s Conversation. The brainchild of Major White a veteran with 19 years of service in the Army, Kilroy’s Conversation’s mission has been to be a “Voice” for veterans, their issues, their needs and causes. We couldn’t think of a better fit for Heart of a Fighter to spread its message! Can’t get to a radio? Not a problem! You can simply go to KVCE Radio  and stream it live from your computer. Listen in as Suzanne weighs in on the issues women veterans are facing and how Heart of a Fighter is working to help out with some of those issues.

We truly appreciate our followers and supporters,  so we ask that you check it out to find out what we’re working on as we bring awareness to women veterans issues. Great things are on the horizon and with your support we know we will continue to do great things!

Prove Them Wrong…


People will tell you can’t do something,

it’s okay let them…and then turn around

and just prove them wrong…

Success and Failure…

never let

Always take your success with humility

and your failure with a gratefulness for the lesson learned

Take The Failures…


Take the failures in your life & turn them into the inspiration

you need to fulfill your dreams &  aspirations..